BIRCOtop Series S I For the discreet line drainage of building facades

BIRCOtop Series S is designed as a slot channel enabling the pavement to be laid virtually flush to the building facade. The cross web-reinforced channel body ensures lasting drainage functionality and the removable rectangular hole cover provides an appealing appearance.

BIRCOtop Series S | Facts

  • Slot channel in a closed design or perforated on one side
  • Including matching removable rectangular hole cover
  • Also available as a symmetrical channel
  • Design: stainless steel (V2A), also availale in galvanized steel
  • Construction legth: 3.00 metre 
  • Load class: walkable
  • Accessories: maintenance chambers, end caps, connection shoes
  • Also available as a radial channel

BIRCOtop Series S | Areas of application

  • Plaster facades
  • Direct attachment to the building facade
  • Roof gardens and flat roofs
  • Steps and stairways
  • New construction and renovation
  • Design element for separating pavements
  • Revolving door