BIRCOdicht I The channel safety system

BIRCOdicht provides reliable, lasting protection in any area where liquids posing a threat to water have to be collected. Its continuous PEHD lining and massive concrete body ensure that your waterway has an absolutely tight seal. BIRCOdicht is also resistant against highly aggressive agents, it is stabile under heavy loads and usage and it is protected against corrosion.

BIRCOdicht | Facts

  • Channel system: NW 150 to 300 mm (NW 400 upon request) with and without inbuilt fall
  • Official certification (Nro. Z-74.4-52)
  • Construction lengths up to 2.0 metres, various construction heights 
  • Load class: A 15 – F 900
  • Outfall units in any nominal width and shut-off outfall units to NW 300
  • Broad range of covers, also including fibreglass-reinforced covers

BIRCOdicht | Areas of application

  • Chemical plants
  • Petrol stations, extinguishing water collection points
  • Facilities for the storage, filling and transferring of water-hazardous substances (WHG areas) with the stress stages “Low”, “Medium” and “High”
  • Industrial construction, acid-protection construction
  • Production areas, transport hubs

BIRCOdicht with PEHD lining

In the channels and gullies in the BIRCOdicht system, the reinforced concrete channels are lined with PEHD, combining the stability of concrete with the safety and high resistance level of PEHD to aggressive substances. BIRCOdicht and the PEHD materials used are approved by the presiding construction authorities.