BIRCOslim® I The lightweight channel with strong features

In landscaping, the materials should be light, but also stable and durable. Installation must be simple and quick. The new BIRCOslim® has all this. High-quality concrete of grade C40/50 and yet a weight from 12.9 kg per running metre of drainage channel. The slim flanks of the BIRCOhyperbel design make it possible. And we have changed something else: the BIRCOslim® is one of the first drainage channels from BIRCO to offer steel angles with a Magnelis® coating (zinc, aluminium, magnesium).  An unbeatable protection against corrosion.

As a new drainage system, in addition to the BIRCOslim® drainage channels, we also offer a high-performance outfall unit, attractive gratings, end caps and the BIRCO service for drilling and cutting.

A valuable system with a low weight and excellent drainage performance.

BIRCOslim® I Facts

  • Channel system: NW 100 without slope
  • Also available as a shallow channel
  • With anchoring system
  • Steel angles with zinc/aluminium/magnesium coating (Magnelis®)
  • Best corrosion resistance (10 times better than galvanised steel)
  • BIRCOhyperbolic construction for long-lasting stability
  • Lengths: 0.50 and 1.00 m
  • Load class: A 15 – C 250
  • In-line outfall unit with excellent drainage capacity
  • Range of gratings made of galvanised steel and black dip-coated DI
  • Made in Germany

BIRCOslim® I Application areas

  • Driveways and garages
  • Office buildings
  • Public buildings (e.g. children’s nurseries, creches)
  • Sports facilities
  • Car parks
BIRCOslim® drainage channel

BIRCOslim® drainage channel

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New BIRCO products for landscaping

New BIRCO products for landscaping

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