Individual colors for your gratings 

Want a colorful design? The RAL colour range opens up all possibilities of design, from colourful to tone-in-tone. Of course, metallic shades are also available.  BIRCOcolor is a real alternative to stainless steel. Maximum corrosion protection and UV resistance for your building project. Even areas of application with contact to acids, alkalis, oils and fuels can be realised almost without restrictions. And all this with a clear conscience: The cathodic dip coating as the basis of BIRCOcolor, consists of 80 % deionised water and is chrome and lead-free. BIRCOcolor already meets the latest and very restrictive EU specifications. BIRCOcolor - much more than colour!


BIRCOcolor I Facts

  • Colours freely selectable according to RAL
  • Metallic colours available 
  • UV-resistant 
  • High corrosion protection 
  • Alternative to stainless steel 
  • Tested in climate chamber for 25 years 
  • Repair kit available on demand 

BIRCOcolor I Areas of application

  • For all BIRCO DI and steel gratings 
  • Also for steel and slotted gratings

It's everywhere: RAL 7016 anthracite grey

One thing is immediately apparent when driving through current new construction areas : Building elements in grey are often and readily installed. There are quite a few: garage doors, up/down roller shutters, awnings, doors and windows as well as conservatories.

How nice when drainage picks up on this trend!

On facades and around terraces, the colour scheme can be easily continued withe BIRCOcolor colour coatings. Of course, we also offer the popular RAL 7016 anthracite grey tone. Our range of gratings offers a lot to set perfect accents in the outdoor area. The choice is yours. 
Our colour-coated gratings have an excellent corrosion protection and UV resistance and will look perfect for a very long time!

In two steps to the perfect coating

1. Cathodic dip coating (KTL)

The basis for a durable seal is a cathodic dip coating. This completely encloses the cast iron or steel material.

2. Burnt-in powder coating 

In a second stage, the covers or components are powder-coated and the pigment is baked on. The high-quality pigment is resistant to UV rays and therefore colour-stable. the surface remains permanently sealed and resistant to corrosion.