BIRCOlight® with steel angles | Modern design – Perfect handling

Surface drainage with BIRCOlight® with steel angles can be integrated harmoniously into any architecture concept. BIRCOlight® is particularly suitable for landscaping construction or urban construction of public spaces with high quality surfaces. BIRCOlight®’s attractive range of covers can provide a characteristic element in urban or public space design while additionally providing sufficient load reserves for those times when traffic is heavier.

BIRCOlight® with steel angles I Facts


  • Channel system: NW 100, 150 AS with and without inbuilt falls
  • With steel angles
  • With anchoring system (AS)
  • Also available as a shallow channel
  • Construction lengths: 0.5, 1.0 metre
  • Load class: A 15 – E 600
  • Broad range of covers: Ductile iron covers, long bar grating, ductile iron design covers, mesh covers and pattern rolled covers. Mesh gratings and galvanized steel perforated and bar grating (stainless steel upon request)

BIRCOlight® I Areas of application

  • Gardening & landscaping construction
  • Residential and town construction
  • Private building owners
  • Properties with sophisticated architectural requirement