BIRCOtopline® I The user-friendly steel channel

Specially developed to meet the requirements of planners, contractors and dealers. A high-quality steel product with the best workmanship for professional projects and an attractive price-performance ratio.

BIRCOtopline® | Facts

  • Channel system: Available widths 100, 130, 160, 210  and 250 mm
  • Lenghts: 0.50, 1.00, 3.00 m for 100 - 160 mm widths
  • Lengths: 0.50, 1.00, 2.00 m for 210 and 250 mm widths
  • Heights: 50, 75 and 100 mm for 100 - 160 mm widths
  • Heights: 50 and 75 mm  for 210 and 250 mm widths
  • Optional screw fastening option
  • Perforation on one side
  • Pre-perforated drainage openings (0.50 m channels)
  • Prefabricated 90° angle elements
  • Version: galvanised steel, V2A stainless steel version on request
  • Installation from above using a plug-in system
  • Height-adjustable thanks to levelling foot screws
  • Load class:  Pedestrians, wheelchair accessible
  • Bamboo cover available for 160 width
  • Anti-slip surface studs
  • Complies with the updated flat roof guideline and DIN 18040 for barrier-free construction

BIRCOtopline® | Areas of application

  • Facades
  • Terraces
  • Roof gardens / green roofs
  • Surfaces in landscaping

Illustration shows levelling foot screws

BIRCOtopline® gratings

Attractive design with BIRCOtopline® gratings

Sustainable option

Bamboo cover available for 160 width

BIRCOtopline® I Total freedom

Five construction widths, each in two or three heights, allow absolute planning freedom in accordance with the updated flat roof guidelines and DIN 18040 for barrier-free construction. Installation from above, stable snap-in, complete modular system. When it comes to flexibility and steel, BIRCOtopline® is the right system for you.

Flexible - no matter what:

  • Use in new buildings, for renovations or for retrofitting

Material - it's your decision:

  • Galvanised steel guarantees durability and investment protection.
  • Available in V2A stainless steel on request.



      Safety - standards & guidelines:

      • With BIRCOtopline®, planning is possible in accordance with the updated flat roof guidelines and DIN 18040 for barrier-free construction.

      Eye-catching - the choice is yours:

      • Fives different grating types provide visual accents. The latest addition is our bamboo cover for the 160 width.
      • BIRCOtopline® in V2A stainless steel as a high-quality design highlight.

      Swift and secure

      Because BIRCOtopline® was designed for installers, it can be laid from above using a clever plug-in system. The components snap securely into place simply, quickly and with a "click". This and our channel elements, which are up to 3 metres long, ensure rapid construction progress. Designed around corners and made for practical use: prefabricated angle pieces make planning and on-site work easier.  Accessories from end caps to levelling feet complete the construction kit.

      Small / Large / Ingenious

      Should the channel system harmonise with the installation height of the surface covering or does the drainage volume simply need to be higher? With five installation widths and three installation heights, you have the option of customised planning. For special and higher installation situations, the adjustable screw feet and a matching gravel bar are ideal. 

      Adjustable Feet – Smooth Precision

      Infinitely adjustable levelling foot screws allow perfect adaptation to the conditions on site - simply by adjusting from above through slots in the levelling foot.  Slopes or uneven surfaces are no problem. Perfect for creating barrier-free transitions where there are height differences. For terraces and roofs, plastic foot ends ensure undamaged bitumen layers.

      Precise separation – Every angle covered

      In the version with levelling foot screws, the gravel bar on the side ensures a clean installation situation and high drainage performance in the ground. It effectively separates the paving substructure, soil, gravel or grass verge from the functional drainage system.

      Quick Setup, easy cleaning – Total control

      Quickly installed and quickly opened for cleaning work. The 4 clamps per metre hold the grating firmly in place at all times.  Would you prefer a screw connection? This is also possible without any problems thanks to the integrated screw connection of the BIRCOtopline® channels. The choice is yours.