BIRCOsir® Rail Track Drainage I Benefits right down the line

BIRCOsir® rail track drainage ensures fast, safe drainage of surface water and accumulated rail water for public transport operations and rail track systems used in industry. Smooth operation, traffic safety, and significantly reduced maintenance expenditures, as well as water spray protection for passengers are all guaranteed.

BIRCOsir® Rail Track Drainage | Facts

  • Channel system: BIRCOsir® NW 100 (other nominal widths available upon request)
  • 2 standard models for all common rail gauges and track types
  • Two-sided track drainage casings for absorbing water and dirt particles
  • Load class: A 15 – E 600
  • Integrated channel base sleeve for connection to the DN 100 drainage pipe
  • A variety of grating options


BIRCOsir® Rail Track Drainage | Areas of application

  • Public rail transport
  • Industrial rail track systems
  • Crane rail systems