BIRCOpur® I This is How Innovative Rainwater Management Looks Like

Water Cycle in Perfection: BIRCOpur®

A well thought-out, modular filter system cleans rainwater from debris, combustion residues and leaching. Permanently reliable over the entire service life and especially maintenance-friendly. 20 sq.m. of fully sealed surface can be connected per running meter of channel.

BIRCOpur® I Facts


  • Modular filtering system for innovative rainwater treatment
  • Channel system: NW 300 AS
  • With clogging guard
  • Massive 4 mm steel frame
  • Installed length: 1.00 and 2.00 meters
  • Load class: A 15 – F 900
  • Suitable for high-precipitation areas
  • Suitable for surfaces of 20 sq.m. per running meter of channel
  • Assumed rainwater flow: 300 l per sec x ha 


BIRCOpur® I Areas of application

  • Municipalities
  • Commercial users
  • Industry
  • Private Households
  • Parking lots and courtyards

More flexibility and higher planning safety

Standalone One/Two-Family Houses
  • A better ratio of sealed to unsealed surface – good for the environment
  • Faster return on investment costs from saving on rising waste water fees
  • Use of small-sized clarification plants
  • In contrast to plants using shafts, no deep on-site excavations are required
  • Directly usable clean water
  • No conflict with high groundwater levels
  • Sharing in the lasting protection of public waterways
Settlements/Urban Planning/Key Projects
  • Greater planning safety for city planners
  • More flexibility for construction due to the absence of seepage troughs
  • Problem-free integration into traffic areas, parking lots/unoccupied areas and residential units
  • Traffic safety, retention, filtering and discharge all in one
  • No problem with groundwater levels
Industrial Premises/Large Premises/Logistics
  • Alternative solution for large seepage surfaces or wide-area greenery – more flexible planning
  • No need for large filter plants when discharging into water bodies
  • Linear drainage instead of multiple shafting
  • Efficient drainage: 20 sq.m. area per running meter of channel
  • Simpler maintenance through modular construction
  • No conflict with high groundwater levels

Reliable Filtering by the Multistage Principle

Modular Structure for Ecological Linear Drainage

The basis of innovative filtering solutions is the concrete-made BIRCOsir® channel with a nominal width of 300 AS. With a load factor up to Class F 900, it can be used in linear drainage also on highly-frequented parking lots or public areas. This means that planners need not worry about major changes to drainage planning. The modular interior of the BIRCOpur® filtration channel includes:

1) The sedimentation box traps all solids such as gravel, leaves and suspended particles in preliminary cleaning. A rubber seal ensures tightness at the edges while keeping a safe distance from neighbouring filtration.

2) The precleaned precipitation water is then routed via the granulate filter cushion which extracts organic and inorganic pollutants from the water.

3) The filtered water then flows back via the deflector plate into the free drainage section of the channel. It is available for reuse, seepage troughs or for discharge into public water bodies.

The Sedimentation Box: Individual Extraction and Easy Cleaning

In contrast to conventional filtration gutters, BIRCOpur® consists of separate modules: sedimentation box, granulate filter cushions and the deflector plate. The frequent exchange of filters due to the formation of filter cake is no longer required. Solids like sand, leaves, gravel and suspended particles are trapped in the sedimentation box without reducing the filtering rate. The benefit: the sedimentation box is easy to inspect, empty, flush and reinstall. The cleaning intervals depend on the given local conditions. Fastening hooks in frame recesses ensure the optimal positioning of the sedimentation box in the gutter.

Cross section BIRCOpur®:  The rainwater arrives at the filter unit only after preliminary cleaning in the sedimentation box. The cleaned and filtered water flows via the deflector plate into the channel.

The Granulate Filter Cushion: High Performance for up to 10 Years of Use

The rainwater already precleaned in the sedimentation box is routed over a cushion containing the filter granulate. Dissolved organic and inorganic pollutants are removed from the water by adsorption and precipitation. The cleaned water is then routed via the free drain to a collector point where it is available for further use or seepage. Thanks to prior preliminary cleaning, the heavy-duty filter granulate remains active for a long time. To ensure homogeneous grain distribution, the fine-grained granulate is incorporated into the filter cushion. The disintegration of the granulate package is practically excluded. The filter cushion must be replaced an average of every 10 years. High-quality filter granulate, usable up to 10 years.

Reliable Filtration of Precipitation Flows

With BIRCOpur®, precipitation waters are reliably cleaned of substances which could jeopardize the groundwater. Adsorption and precipitation as per DWA Guideline 138 eliminates the following substances by filtration:

  • Chloride, cadmium, copper, chromium, nickel, lead and zinc chlorides, sulphate, nitrate, sodium, potassium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium
  • PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) from combustion and degassing
  • PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • Pesticides
  • VCCs (readily volatile halogenated hydrocarbons)
  • BTEX aromatics (aromatic hydrocarbons benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene)