BIRCOprime® | First-class sedimentation, all along the drainage

Rainwater treatment: Let's settle for sustainability!

BIRCOprime®, effective sedimentation directly in the drainage channel

Maximum retention, maximum sedimentation: With BIRCOprime®, BIRCO introduces a rainwater treatment system that cleans the water while it flows off. This particle sedimentation takes place invisibly directly inside the drainage channel system. This is because sedimentation in BIRCOprime® takes place via a weir system that is ­integrated into the channel
 – without any chemical or biological treatment at all.

The simple and effective way to clean water

Rainwater can be contaminated with pollutants that should not enter our reservoirs and groundwater. A large proportion of these pollutants are bound in particles to so-called filterable substances (AFS). In most cases, filtration is not necessary, thanks to BIRCOprime® these substances are consistently separated through effective sedimentation.

  1. The water is channelled over rising weirs.
  2. In the process, sediments settle between the weir elements in the sedimentation chambers and are effectively retained.
  3. Oils and other light liquids are separated from the draining water by the retention unit. 
  4. Maintenance is only required every 1-5 years and is very easy to manage.


  • Water treatment installation through sedimentation in the drainage channel
  • Sedimentation chambers with overflow weirs
  • Vertical and horizontal outlet variants
  • Quick installation, factory assembly and installation to EN1433 Type I standard
  • Connected areas between 2000 and 7000 m², depending on the type of operation and required flow rate or efficiency
  • Solids (AFS) and particle-bound pollutants are removed
  • Retention of light liquids (oils, petrol, etc.)
  • Proven purification performance based on the DIBt (German technical assessment institute) testing principles and according to DWA-M 153 and DWA-A 102 rainwater treatment recommendations.
  • Maintenance only necessary every 1-5 years (depending on pollutant loads and connected area)

Technical data

  • Length: 4500 mm
  • Width at top/bottom: 710/740 mm
  • Height at tongue/groove: 1200/1200 mm
  • Weight: 3900 kg
  • Connection area: 2000 - 7000 m²
  • Load class: A15 - E 600 (available in F 900 class on demand)



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Brochure BIRCOprime®

Brochure BIRCOprime®

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BIRCOprime® - Rainwater treatment system that cleans the water directly inside the drainage channel system.