WHG approval

Construction authority-certified

Many BIRCO products are certified by the DIBt (German Institute for Civil Engineering) authority in Berlin. This means that they fulfil the strict norms and specifications required for approval to be used with substances posing a hazard for water. This protects the environment while giving you, the planner, verified assurance right from the start.

Material properties and processing

Traffic areas and industrial areas where substances posing a hazard to groundwater accumulate along with precipitation represent a special challenge in drainage planning. In these types of situations, the materials and processing have to be designed to ensure that the concrete body and the corresponding coverings retain their shape along with a tight seal, and that they continue to deliver top performance for years to come. This is the only way to sustainably meet today’s environmental responsibilities.

Planning, realisation and value retention

Channel laying performancevalue retention and installation safety are the decisive factors to keep costs and work times under control and to provide long-term investment protection at building sites that are often complex or in multi-stage planning proceduresBIRCO combines all these qualities in its products and services. Our advice, choice of materials, drainage performance and the advantages you can rely on in laying our drainage facilities form a consistent overall system designed to provide lasting performance and dependable protection against substances that are hazardous to water.