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BIRCO GmbH head office Managing directors Christian Merkel and Ingo Markgraf present the new BIRCO logo

BIRCO GmbH head office Managing directors Christian Merkel and Ingo Markgraf present the new BIRCO logo

01/30/2024 |

"Proactive, self-confident and bold"

New direction with proven quality: "BIRCO Water Cycle Solutions"

The sharpening of the company's profile is clear and self-confident: as an industry leader, BIRCO creates innovative, end-to-end and digital system solutions for surface drainage, water management and groundwater protection. The system provider from Baden-Baden in Germany places the sustainable use and conservation of rainwater as a resource at the centre of its actions and redesigned brand identity - clearly visible in the future BIRCO leitmotif: "Because water is precious". The bright and fresh colour scheme of the new logo illustrates this new direction.

The consequences of climate change mean that water is becoming scarcer for the world's growing population. Founded in 1927, the long-established company BIRCO is focussing even more strongly on this topic with the brand relaunch at the start of the year. "The new logo with the claim 'BIRCO Water Cycle Solutions' is not only self-confident, bold and international. It conveys at a glance what BIRCO is all about: comprehensive and digital system solutions as the foundation for sustainable, ecological and economical water cycles. And at the heart of this brand promise are the commitment, innovative strength, and shared values of our employees," explains Christian Merkel, CEO.

Elementary movement

BIRCO places people and their environment at the centre of its symbolic water cycle and comprehensive sphere of influence: "Nothing can exist without water as a resource. At the same time, this interplay reminds us how important our actions are when it comes to our grandchildren´s future. Our mission statement commits us to tackling climate change sustainably with technical innovations and systemic solutions in our areas of expertise of water management, drainage, infiltration, treatment, retention and groundwater protection. It is all about the conservation, distribution and protection of our most precious resource, water. We want to communicate this even more strongly," adds Managing Director Ingo Markgraf.

Tradition in flow

After one year and a half working on the initial ideas for repositioning the brand, the Baden-Baden-based company is presenting itself with a new look just in time for the start of the year. "With our relaunch, led by a modern and fresh logo, we are consciously striking a balance between the new and the tried and tested. Because we know what we can do, we will act even stronger as the industry leader in our core markets. In terms of our values and essence, we will remain the reliable and approachable partner for top quality," says Merkel.

BIRCO intends to make a big splash

The new branding is very present on the factory premises in Baden-Baden as well as on the company's website and social media presence, in the business and vehicle equipment, on presentation templates and business cards as well as in the advert design and in brochures. "BIRCO is reliable, but also dynamic and on the move. And this new dynamism is also conveyed in our external and internal image. Our new direction will be proactive, self-confident and bold," says Markgraf. "We want to make a big splash!"