Attractive drainage for domestic and commercial projects

All drainage systems are supplemented by different types of gratings. Slotted cast iron gratings, cast iron mesh gratings, galvanised steel mesh gratings, with different mesh widths, as well as slotted and perforated gratings. In addition, BIRCO offers a selection of aesthetic design gratings and with BIRCOlux, innovative illuminated channel systems.


We build houses that people live in afterwards. The open public spaces that our firm designs become the daily living space of people with the greatest variety of personalities. So the optical design has to be right all the way down to the details. Functionality and performance are a matter-of-course for us. After all, it’s creativity that makes architecture worthwhile. In BIRCO, I’ve found a partner that gives my work the best possible support.


The BIRCOlux LED lighting strip set can be integrated into any drainage solution. Easy laying – Big effect.

BIRCO cast covers

Top stability - Interesting optics.

BIRCO metal covers galvanised

Stabile against corrosion and loads.

BIRCO stainless steel covers

Style and performance class.

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