Storage, filling and transferring facilities for water-hazardous substances/Areas subject to water legislation

If you don't know exactly, which ist the best system for this area of application, we can help you.

Here you find a overview, which system you may install.


For everywhere subject to heavy traffic where substances hazardous to water such as fuels, mild lye and acids accrue. 5 nominal widths, construction lengths: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 metres, officially certified.


For the safe drainage of aggressive substances and for areas subjected to high levels of horizontal loads. 3 nominal width, channel elements with PEHD-lining, construction length up to 2.0 m, with official certifitation.

BIRCOsolid slot channels

BIRCOsolid reinforced concrete slot channels are ideal for use anywhere that is subjected to extreme loads where groundwater protection is required. Profile 200/300, made of reinforced C 40/50 concrete, officially certified.

BIRCOsolid grid channels

For drainage of areas subjected to high levels of dynamic horizontal forces. Resistant against mildly aggressive agents. 3 nominal widths, made of reinforced C 40/50 concrete, construction lengths: 1.0, 1.5, 4.0 metres, with official certification.

BIRCOdicht Point Drainage

For the collection and retention of aggressive agents. Applicable as point drainage and for connection to a line drainage system. Shut-off outfall unit or point drainage, officially certified. Sump-well

BIRCO Cast covers

BIRCO cast covers guarantee flexibility in their utilisation and in construction possibilities, above all through enormous load reserves. Black-immersion lacquered spherical cast or galvanised cast, construction length 0.5 m.

BIRCO Metal covers galvanised

The galvanising process sees the metal coated with a zinc layer to protect it from corrosion. BIRCO covers are hot galvanised so that all of the edges and openings are evenly coated and the protection from weathering. Construction length: 0.5 and 1.0 m.

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