The XXL drainage system

Maximum retention volume combined with maximum stability

The channel with enormous retention volumes can collect up to 512 liters per running meter, thus providing immediate near-surface retention space.

In the process, the optimized hyperbola design masters even the highest loads by offering maximum stablility.  
The fact that there is no lateral sheathing (Type I installation) elliminates laborious, cost intensive processing steps. 



Backflow hazards are everywhere

The BIRCOmax-i channel system with steel reinforcement and resistance to load class F 900 safeguards even large paved surfaces during heavy rain.

The elements are layed from above through laying anchors screwed in the thread of the 5 m cast iron frame. 
Up to 3 meter long channel elements guarantee fast laying with a low number of joints.



BIRCOmax-i nominal widths

A large choice of installation lengths and heights offers maximum planning freedom.

BIRCOmax-i I Facts

  • Channel system : NW 220, 320, 420 and 520, each one available with several contstruction heights 
  • High quality C 60/75 concrete
  • Constrcution lengths: 1.50 and 3.00 meters
  • New BIRCOhyperbola construction form for maximum stability
  • Type I installation
  • 5 mm ductile iron frame with CDP coating
  • Shift protection and 8-point per meter M12 bolt connection on grating
  • Continuous anchoring system
  • Professional jointing
  • Load class: A 15 - F 900, EN 1433
  • High inflow volumes
  • Short delivery times even for large quantities


BIRCOmax-i I Application areas

  • Airports / Airside
  • Sea and inland ports
  • Industry and logistics centers
  • Parking lots with turning trucks
  • Forecourts of public buildings, train stations, schools and event venues
  • Traffic routes
  • Anywhere where large volumes of water need to be immediately absorbed
  • Addition to sewage networks


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