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News/ Press releases

From January 2023: the lightweight BIRCOslim® concrete channel

From January 2023, the lightweight BIRCOslim® concrete channel including steel angles with a particularly corrosion-resistant zinc/aluminium/magnesium coating (Magnelis®) will extend the BIRCO landscaping portfolio.

BIRCOslim® with three types of grating

The BIRCOslim® with three types of grating: Longitudinal bar grating (class C 250, top right), double slotted grating (class B 125, bottom left) and mesh grating MW 30/10 (class B 125).

Premiere presentation of BIRCOslim® at GaLaBau in Nuremberg

Marian Dürrschnabel, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Application Technology (left) is pleased with the positive response at the premiere presentation of BIRCOslim® at GaLaBau in Nuremberg.

BIRCOslim® is a lightweight channel

: Light, lighter, BIRCOslim®: with a weight from 12.9 kg per metre of drainage channel, the “landscaping high-flyer” is available directly from stock.

Up to load class C 250

Slim, lightweight, easy to install: Up to load class C 250, a stable and long-lasting channel system with a wall thickness of 20 mm

Familiar BIRCO quality “Made in Germany”

Familiar BIRCO quality “Made in Germany”: stable C40/50 concrete in a nominal width of 100 mm, from April onwards BIRCOslim® will also be available in a nominal width of 150 mm.

12/29/2022 |

A lightweight on the fast track: The new BIRCOslim®

Drainage specialist BIRCO expands portfolio in the “landscaping weight category”

The name says it all: with the lightweight BIRCOslim® concrete channel, the system provider for drainage solutions from Baden-Baden is heading into 2023 in a new weight category in the landscaping sector. As of January, BIRCO will offer its innovative new product with a weight from 12.9 kg per metre in a nominal width of 100 mm to start with, whilst from April onwards the BIRCOslim® will also be available in a nominal width of 150 mm. Marian Dürrschnabel, Head of Product Management, Marketing & Application Technology is convinced: the new lightweight product has the potential to be a landscaping classic. “Demand in the landscaping sector is constantly growing and the new BIRCOslim® meets our customers’ needs up to load class C 250. It is slim, lightweight and therefore easy to install. Added to this, the usual BIRCO quality comes into full effect: stable concrete in C40/50 grade combined with corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel angles.”

Stability challenge

With a development time of just six months, the biggest challenge was to reduce the weight whilst maintaining excellent stability. “We had had no previous production experience with the narrow design and a wall thickness of 20 mm and did not know beforehand whether the BIRCOslim® would meet our expectations and high quality standards. We wanted to offer a product here that clearly and positively sets itself apart from the competition. Completely “Made in Germany”, we managed to achieve this with the BIRCOslim®”, says Dürrschnabel talking about the requirements specification. The slim sides of the BIRCOhyperbolic construction guarantee maximum inherent stability at a weight consistently below 25 kg per channel element. And there are other significant differences to the familiar competing products.

Impressive resistance

In the landscaping sector it is not only about lightweight drainage solutions, but ones that are equally stable, high quality and durable, which also stand up in detail. Hence the weight-reduced system offers steel angles with a special zinc/aluminium/magnesium coating (Magnelis®). This new composition with a reduced zinc content enables effective corrosion protection, particularly in environments containing ammonia and in the cutting edge area, which was also well received during the premiere product presentation at GaLaBau, the leading trade fair for landscaping in Nuremberg. “The surface protection on the steel angles now lasts up to seven times longer and the self-repairing property of the zinc, aluminium, magnesium mixture in case of minor damage and scratches impressed the visitors to the stand,” says Dürrschnabel, who is pleased about the thoroughly positive response to the Magnelis® coating and the BIRCO exhibition appearance.

Sales launch

As of January the BIRCOslim® will be available directly from stock with an attractive range of covers and complete accessories – from the outfall unit to the end cap – thereby expanding the landscaping drainage range of the GreenTech Award-winner from Baden-Baden to coincide nicely with the start of the year. Supplied in the construction heights 135 mm and 185 mm (without slope) and also as a shallow channel with an 80 mm construction height for where space is limited, the new weight category provides optimal conditions for cost-effective transport and quick installation, which is also aided by the ability of the gratings to be clamped. An anchoring system, a high-performance in-line outfall unit and the tried-and-tested BIRCO service for drilling and cutting complete the overall package. With its new lightweight product, the system provider presents an alternative for classic landscaping, private entrance areas and outdoor facilities in residential construction and urban development.

You can find more information about BIRCOslim®

You will find the galactic product trailer for the new high-flyer from the BIRCO stable at Have fun watching it!