BIRCOsir® Point Drainage

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Outfall unit I 30/30 I 1-piece

+ Also for drainage channel connection on two sides (NW 100)
+ Internal odur trap DN 110 for KG and KG-2000 pipe connection
+ PP silt bucket
+ Integrated socket for DN 110 pipe connection DN 110
+ With hot-dipped galvanized solid steel angle frame for combi-closure system
+ As special solution also with stainless steel angle frame (V2A, combi-closure system not in V2A)

DesignationArticle No.Ext. dimensions L [mm]Ext. dimensions W [mm]Ext. dimensions W [mm]Load class up to (EN 1433)Weight [kg]PGPallet [Quantity]
SIR 30/30 outfall unit one section 080000 300.00 300.00 420.00 E 600 59.00 8003 12.00