Urban development/Residential districts


If you don't know exactly, which is the best system for this area of application, we can help you.

Here you find a overview, which system you may install.


For drainage of surfaces in areas undergoing heavy-duty transport; also for areas where the architectural and flexibility demands are especially high. 7 nominal widths, lengths up to 2 metres and our large selection of gratings.

BIRCOsir Point Drainage

BIRCOsir point drainage is your sensible supplement to linear drainage concepts, offering great draining performance and high load reserves. 2 sizes, one-piece or multi-piece, also as sump well.


For the drainage of areas featuring a sophisticated optical and architectural design. 2 nominal width, 2 length, broad range of covers.

BIRCOslotted steel covers

For virtually invisible drainage of public open spaces or building façades. For separations between pavement surfaces or in private residential construction. For 2 nominal widths, construction length 0.5 and 1.0 m, material thickness 4 or 1.5 mm.


Ideal for setting sophisticated architectural accents in the drainage and design of open public spaces and structures. Can be combined with different BIRCO channel systems, different coulours, LED lighting strip - complete set.

BIRCO cast covers

BIRCO cast covers guarantee flexibility in their utilisation and in construction possibilities, above all through enormous load reserves. Black-immersion lacquered spherical cast or galvanised cast, construction length 0.5 m.

Metal covers galvanised

The galvanising process sees the metal coated with a zinc layer to protect it from corrosion. BIRCO covers are hot galvanised so that all of the edges and openings are evenly coated and the protection from weathering. Construction length: 0.5 and 1.0 m.

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