BIRCOtop Series F without visible edge I Optimum building façade drainage

BIRCOtop protects building façades and adjoining building extensions. It is ideal for draining rainwater and subsequently for protection against waterlogging. BIRCOtop additionally represents an elegant, attractive transition point from "outside" to "inside". This creates more design leeway for planners and reduces accident risks for residents.

BIRCOtop Series F without visible edge I Facts

  • Box channels with a variety of construction widths and heights
  • Series F: Fixed construction height
  • Without visible edge
  • With one-sided perforation
  • Design: Galvanized steel, stainless steel
  • Load class: Walkable
  • Large selection of covers and accessories
  • Series F: Also availble as a radial channel with matching covers

BIRCOtop Series F without visible edge I Areas of application

  • Building façades
  • Terrace areas
  • Roof gardens and flat roofs
  • New construction and renovation
  • Barrier-free living