BIRCOsir® Large dimensions

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Outfall unit I 2-part

+ 2-part: Consisting of upper part (channel) with vertical bore DN 200 and lower part with outlet DN 315 with PP socket
+ With integrated sleeves (in the lower part)+ 2-sided channel connection
+ Incl. CDP-coated silt bucket
+ Hot-dip galvanized solid steel angle frame
+ On request also with stainless steel angle frame (V2A)
+ Visible sealing joint
+ Displacement guard

DesignationArticle No.Ext. dimensions L [mm]Ext. dimensions W [mm]Ext. dimensions W [mm]Load class up to (EN 1433)Weight [kg]PGPallet [Quantity]
BIRCOsir® 420 Outfall Unit upper + lower 30020467 1000.00 556.00 1000.00 F 900 753.00 302043 1