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Hexagon® ductile iron cover I for supply channels with angles

+ Without openings
+ 8-point per metre M12/A2 bolt connection per meter

black immersion-lacquered

Designation Article No. Ext. dimensions L [mm] Ext. dimensions W [mm] Ext. dimensions W [mm] Slot width L [mm] Slot width B [mm] Maschenweite L [mm] Maschenweite B [mm] Inlett-cross-section [cm²/m] Load class up to (EN 1433) Weight [kg] PG Pallet [Quantity]
BIRCOcanal® 320 30052376 500.00 437.00 45.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 E 600 30.40 305232 40.00