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Lateral steel upstands I as back support for reinforced concrete covers for BIRCOcanal® without angles

+ Mounted 1- or 2-sided

hot-dipped galvanized

DesignationArticle No.Weight [kg]PGPallet [Quantity]
lateral metal sheet L=1000 mm 609663 12.90 0194 1

Sealing tape I flexible liner

+ Between supply channel and reinforced concrete cover for BIRCOcanal® without angles, 50/6 mm (sold by the meter)
+ Self adhesive

DesignationArticle No.Weight [kg]PGPallet [Quantity]
elastomer strip 609402 0.10 0194 10.00

Suspension gear

+ BIRCOcanal® swivel bracket with internal thread, rotatable at 360°, Set of 4 pcs.
+ Handling lugs RD 12 for laying of channels and the lower part of the outfall unit (2-part In-line outfall unit) (4 pcs. required)

DesignationArticle No.Weight [kg]PGPallet [Quantity]
BIRCOmax-i® Rotatable lifting point 606108 0.50 68525 1.00