BIRCOsolid slot channels | Long-lasting seal – Top stability

The BIRCOsolid slot channels system ensures a long-lasting seal against liquids like fuels, oils and mild lye and acids. The monolithic reinforced concrete body stands up to extreme loads and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

BIRCOsolid slot channels I Facts

  • Slot channels system: Profile 200/300 without inbuilt falls
  • Officially certified (No. Z-74.4-62)
  • Interrupted slot
  • Made of constructively reinforced C 40/50 concrete
  • Construction length: 4.0 metres
  • Load class: A 15 – F 900
  • Outfall units with outstanding drainage performance
  • Removable ductile iron cover for easy inspection of the sealing joint

BIRCOsolid slot channels I Areas of applications:

  • Heavily frequented heavy-duty transport areas
  • Container terminals, aircraft operation areas, loading areas
  • Areas in which mildly aggressive liquids can leak, such as petrol stations, lorry loading areas
  • Storage, filling and transferring facilities for water-hazardous substances/Areas subject to water legislation
  • Industrial construction