BIRCOsolid grid channels | Optimum seal – Top stability

The BIRCOsolid box channel system ensures an optimum seal against liquids like fuels, oils and milder lye and acids. The monolithic reinforced concrete body stands up to extreme loads and is ideally suited for drainage project-related solutions.

BIRCOsolid grid channels | Facts

  • Channel system: NW 150, 200, 300 without inbuilt falls
  • Official certification (No. Z-74.4-33)
  • Made of constructively reinforced C 40/50 concrete
  • Also available with hot galvanized surface protection upon request
  • Construction lengths: 1.0, 1.5, 4.0 metres
  • Load class: A 15 – F 900
  • Outfall units in every nominal width with outstanding drainage performance
  • Shut-off outfall unit (not certified)

BIRCOsolid grid channels | Areas of application

  • Heavy-duty load areas with heavy traffic
  • Container terminals, aircraft operation areas, loading areas
  • Areas in which mildly aggressive liquids can leak, such as petrol stations, lorry loading areas
  • Storage, filling and transferring facilities for water-hazardous substances/Areas subject to water legislation
  • Industrial construction