Product filters

Channel element with filtration set and gratings

+ Channel element made of C40/50 concrete
+ Filtration set consisting of: Sedimentationbox in PEHD, 4 locking devices, granulate filter cusion and PE deflector plate
+ Including ductile iron gratings (black immersion lacquered) with 8 point per meter M12/A2 bolt connection
+ With safety sealing joint and anchoring system

with hot-dipped galvanized solid steel angles

DesignationArticle No.Ext. dimensions L [mm]Ext. dimensions W [mm]Height at groove [mm]Load class up to (EN 1433)Weight [kg]PGPallet [Quantity]
BIRCOpur® 300AS Set : 170394 1000.00 430.00 0.00 E 600 301.40 1731 1.00